Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For those who don't like to read: Infro may have perfected what post-hardcore should be.

Fuck, I really don't know what to write in this ultra boring first paragraph I always include for some reason. But man today is probably the most boring of all boring days. CS:GO is shaping up to be a fun time though, CS dominated my fucking teenage years like no other.

Onwards to Infro, and this is what I know about them: they play music. Yea, I'm too fucking lazy to research this shit. Well, I tried emailing them to ask them what they're up to, but none of them speak English and I know nothing in Japanese so that's a pretty shitty time (I start learning Japanese next week though!).

What can be said about Infro though, is that they're fucking music, and more so their full length, Melody, rip shit (that was a lot of commas). I'm going to go ahead and say this now: Melody is the prototypical post-hardcore album. Sure, they have their influences, but Melody itself is probably the best post-hardcore album to be put out in the past long fucking while. It has just about everything you'd look for, that perfect mix of singing and yelling, killer bass tone, and the fucking riffs man.

Infro - "屍にヒキガネ" live

I'm going to stop myself early though, because I felt a tangent coming along full force. It does remain though that Melody is currently one of my favorite albums, and will probably stick to being one of my favorites for as long as I remain. The rest of Infro's output is pretty awesome as well, but nothing they've done currently touches the shit kicking force of Melody (I does have a couple good songs though).


P.S. - That Here Comes the Bottom line link is the entire compilation. It rips shit though, and is definitely recommended.

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